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"Clothing with infinite potential, just like you". The goal of Mood Collection is to create a brand that can represent everyone that shares something about you that you want to share with other people. Mood Collection wants to uplift, inspire and support everyone as we all strive to be the best version of ourselves, where this is referenced in the infinity design choices in the logo and some of the designs.

My goal with pursuing a brand in clothing is to also create a bridge to share my vision and collaborate with other visionaries, and create a community. Expanding on my freelance brand Mood Designs, Mood Collection allows anyone to collaborate and build on the design collection. Mood Collection is a custom focused brand where we strive in making every piece of clothing YOU where along with creating variations of most designs, the MOOD branding will constantly grow in variation to accommodate as many MOODs as I can create. (Visit Custom + and Mood Collection for more details).

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Inspired by my shy characteristics I created a way for myself and others to communicate and possibly inspire or support others they may walk by. I'm not much of talker but I hope maybe my messages can reach others through specialized messages for clothing and those who feel mutual what the brand stands for can help me share it as I continue to build my vision and how it can be shared.


We at Mood collection wish for everyone to win and find their 


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